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Special Edition :: Eberly's Army "In The Mixer" Podcast PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matthew Gray   
Sunday, 25 August 2013 10:50

Sunday, August 25, 2013 :: Eberly's Army members Matthew Gray and Eric Vormelker are joined by Eberly's Army President Paul Hart in this special presentation of the Army's "In the Mixer" Podcast.  During the discussion, we talk about the Austin Aztex season including their great run to the USL PDL Championship crown.  We also speak about the future of the Aztex, what we would like to see and what we feel is possible.  We hope you enjoy this, and who knows, if it's something folks like, we may do more.


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Eberly's Army AGM Notes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matthew Gray   
Saturday, 19 April 2014 00:00



Sunday, April 20, 2014 :: Saturday afternoon, Eberly's Army members once again gathered at The Tavern for the Annual General Meeting.  In a year that see's us gather for a lot of football (soccer), this is our once a year business gathering to discuss the business of the organization, elect officers for another year, renew memberships for another year and hear from guest presenters from Austin's football community.  This year was no exception.  Below are some thoughts from the meeting.  Thank you to those of you who came out, and for those of you who were unable to join us, you were missed.

  • Paul Hart, President of Eberly's Army, started the meeting with a brief update on what had gone on in the previous year.  One point that was discussed, and was the highlight for many in the room, was the success of the Austin Aztex at winning the 2013 USL PDL Championship in August.  This was a memorable night for all of us, and we were reminded of it by the prominent presence of the Championship trophy at the meeting.
  • Will Genrich, Treasurer of Eberly's Army, then made a report on the membership which continues to hold steady.  A detailed report will be released to the membership with an exact break down of membership levels in the coming weeks.  Will also reported that our finances were healthy, with over $1100 in the Army's accounts, not including the membership renewals.  As the Army still has debts to some agents related to getting our swag off the ground, Will stated and was supported in the desire to pay these debts off as quickly as possible, while keeping the Army healthy from an accounts perspective.
  • Laura Buford, Vice President of Eberly's Army, then reported that the 2014 swag are going to be EA pint glasses with the EA Crest on them.  All Archivist members will receive 2 pint glasses, while the Full members will receive 1.  In a show of thanks to Larissa Cantu (Tavern Manager) and The Tavern, the Army gifted a case (24) of pint glasses to the pub.  The Tavern was very grateful for this gift, and look forward to providing them to members when we come in.  There will be more on dealing with The Tavern below.
  • Elections were then held for the Executive Committee (President, Vice President and Treasurer) as well as a non-Executive Committee seat, Social Coordinator.  Nominations had been submitted before the meeting, and no nominations were made from the floor.  A motion was made from the floor (Ed Easton) to automatically elect the nominees as they were listed, seconded (Chris Grayson) and a verbal vote was cast with all voting "yes", and no "nays" verbalized when asked.  Congratulations to all those elected, and many thanks to Paul Hart for his service as President during the previous 12 months.  The 2014 officers are:
    • President :: Matthew Gray
    • Vice President :: Laura Buford 
    • Treasurer :: Will Genrich 
    • Social Coordinator :: James Morgan

Guest presenters were then brought forward to discuss activities in Austin.
  • Supporters Union (Josh Babetski) - Josh discussed the mission of the Supporters Union, as an entity to help bring the various supporters groups together in Austin.  He has been working with Eberly's Army since his arrival in Austin a year ago, and has already been working with groups such as EA, the American Outlaws, and other supporters organizations.  Check out the Supporters Union site online for more details.  There were many in the audience who were very excited about the mission of SU, and all felt strongly that EA needed to do more to be more welcoming of the 80% of soccer supporters who might be interested in the Aztex or EA, and to let the 20% who are not come around when/if they do.  Newly elected President, Matthew Gray, made a statement that there have been reports from at least 3 non-EA individuals in the past year who said they'd talked to EA members about the organization, and came away with such a bad experience, they chose not to join.  This cannot happen.  For any member of EA to put the organization in a bad light could result in punitive actions by the Executive Committee on said member (see the Bylaws for the options).
  • Austin Aztex (David Markley, Rene van de Zande and Manuel Buentello) - a lot has been going on with the Aztex front office in the time since last season.  David Markley spoke about how many partnerships are showing great promise in Austin.  Although there was discussion on the future of the Aztex, a majority of this information cannot be notated here, as the Army promise to continue our position of confidence to the Aztex front office.

After the meeting, Matthew Gray had a meeting with Larissa Cantu and her staff on the upcoming events.  Below are the bullet items we discussed, many of which are still in flight.

  • The Tavern will continue to reserve "The Bunkhouse" on match days for the Army's pre-game gathering.  They will prohibit anyone not tied with the Army, as several times last season we had non-fans in the area.
  • Post-match, The Tavern will also reserve the tables against the window on the second floor (bar side) for the Army.  This will enable us all to sit together after the match.
  • The Tavern will also reserve a 6 top table for all US WC games in The Bunkhouse.  They will also do the same for all Holland matches (a nod to our Dutch owner, Rene) and any other games we ask them to.
  • The Tavern is working on drink specials for the Army, including specials on pints and liter mugs of beer.  They are also going to work with James Morgan, Social Coordinator, to develop some Army and Aztex specific drinks.
  • The Tavern will also double the staff during half time, for those folks who want to run over to the pub for a half time drink.  They know that speed is of the essence.
  • The Tavern is also looking at assisting with the manufacturer of more EA branded pint glasses, with info on how to reach us that will be used in the bar throughout the season including World Cup games.
  • The Tavern was informed that EA will be providing them a banner to hand in The Bunkhouse, declaring The Tavern to be the official match day pub of EA.  They were very excited to hear this.
  • EA will also provide a flag (3' x 5') to be hung outside the bar with other supporter flags.  Matthew Gray is working on this with Larissa and her team.
  • The Tavern also committed to have all tickets on the table 45 minutes before kick off in The Bunkhouse.  If you want to stay and drink more you can, but you'll need to open another ticket.  This is to enable EA members to match to the stadium promptly at 7:00 p.m.

Overall, Saturday was a great meeting and a lot got done.  A final note from the President is to call ALL members of the Army to think about what you can do to help grow the group.  Although you may not want to be an officer, Capo, or other public face, there are many activities that will need coordinators that many can do.  The Executive Committee will be sending out in the coming weeks a survey to all members (Basic, Full and Archivist) looking for feedback on the next year for the Army.  We have a lot to do, and we will need EVERYONE's participation.


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Join Eberly PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris   
Saturday, 16 April 2011 06:37



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2014 Eberly's Army Game Day Chant Sheet PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matthew Gray   
Saturday, 10 May 2014 09:16

Saturday, May 10, 2014 :: IT'S HERE!!!  The start of the USL PDL 2014 season is just hours away, so don't be left without your 2014 Eberly's Army Chant Sheet!!  Download your copy here, or be sure to come by the Eberly's Army section on the second floor of the The Tavern (12th & Lamar) before every game, or our seats behind the home bench.  We'll have plenty of hand outs for you there.  Whether you sit with the Army or elsewhere in the stadium, be sure you sing loud and proud for your Austin Aztex!!! 

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USL Pro Announces 2015 League Schedule PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Gaffer   
Monday, 02 February 2015 17:49

Monday, February 2, 2015 :: Today, about 1:30, Eberly's Army discovered that USL had already started loading the 2015 regular season schedule into the individual portfolio pages at their website.  Although 30 minutes ahead of the stated 2:00 p.m. CST release, Eberly's Army reported that the schedule, although unofficial, looked pretty straight forward.  In fact, when the schedule was finally released, it was very much in line with the earlier version reported.  The Aztex have a pretty balanced schedule, although the typical early season weighted home games are still visible.  As we look at the other teams in the Western Conference, we see the Aztex playing the teams with the frequency listed below:

Team # of Aztex Matches  Team  # of Aztex Matches 
Arizona United SC4 Real Monarchs SLC 2
Colorado Springs Switchbacks 4 Sacramento Republic FC 2
Los Anglese Galaxy II 2 Seattle Sounders FC 2 2
Oklahoma City Energy FC 3 Tulsa Roughnecks FC 3
Orange County Blues FC 2 Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2 2
Portland Timbers 2 2   

AS can be imagined, a bulk of our +2 matches are in region, to help reduce travel costs.  So we'll see Arizona United SC, Colorado Springs Switchbacks, Oklahoma City Energy FC and Tulsa Roughnecks FC more than twice.

An additional benefit this season is that all the Aztex away matches will be televised online, so Eberly's Army has already organized Watch Events for our road games at The Tavern.  We will be in "The Bunkhouse", our normal home on the 2nd floor with drink and food specials just like pre-match events for our home games.

If you'd like, you can download an iCAL that lists all 28 matches of the Aztex USL Pro league (does not include US Open Cup or pre-season).  All times listed are CST. W

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